Earth Day April 22nd

In honor of Earth Day, celebrated worldwide on April 22nd, we would like to issue a challenge to all of our customers. Can you go one month without using paper napkins or paper towels? We were amazed at how much paper we use when we began to investigate.

Did you know;

  • The United States uses 30% of the world’s paper products
  • Each year, the average four person household in the US uses about 55 pounds of disposable paper products (towels, tissues, napkins)

You can make a difference by using your linen napkins from Libeco Home every day, and cleaning up using your linen kitchen towels. It is a fact that linen uses much less water, pesticides and energy to produce than cotton, and this makes a difference to the environment.

So, give the earth a break, and this month try using your linen napkins and towels every day, at every meal, and feel good about it! Make Earth Day count this year, and tell your customers about your new mission!

Some suggestions to make the challenge successful;

  • set a bowl on the dining table with linen napkins so your family has them right at their fingertips
  • remove the paper towels from the kitchen and replace them with a few kitchen towels instead
  • carry a napkin & towel to work to use while there
  • say thank you, but no thank you at the coffee shop or restaurant when they give you a paper napkin, use your linen one instead.
  • make sure you talk it up, see if you can get your friends to join the mission!
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