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From time to time we will let you in on the blogs we’re following. These are blogs managed by stores in our Partners Program; blogs by designers from around the world, featuring their creative use of linen; and blogs that inspire our sense of design and cause us to take a second look.

Today we’re looking at Didriks. Their store, located in Cambridge, MA carries much of our line from bedding to table top, but they do so much more. Didriks is a one-stop shop for ideas in the finest in bridal registries, outdoor and home furnishings, and entertaining. Everyone from bridal registrants to homemakers, to busy event/party hosts can find recommendations that assist and inspire. Didriks has a separate blog called “Dinner Series” that invites us to join an engaging dinner party from planning to dessert.

Libeco is prominently featured on the Linen page of Didriks’ blog.

Didriks announces new Libeco product from our catalog.

Short on ideas for your dinner party? Didriks serves up ideas on décor, place setting, menus and drinks.

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  1. Thanks so much! Didriks is very proud to carry the Libeco Home collection and we certainly follow your blog as well. The Spring and Summer collection is gorgeous. Looking forward to what you are working on for Fall!

  2. Eén van de laatste blogposts, waar Libeco Linen ook is vermeld :

  3. We just discovered your Libeco blog, and look forward to learning more about Belgian linen! We would love for you to follow our blog as well – we adore our Libeco bed and table linen collections.


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