From Libeco Artisans to You

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We want to take a moment to familiarize you with the Libeco Lagae mill, and the many skilled professionals who are responsible for creating our amazing linen.

The mill employs more than 200 people who work tirelessly to weave, dye, finish and sew the beautiful items sold in stores around the world.

Our weaving facility operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, in three shifts, to satisfy the ever-growing demand for our unique fabrics. After weaving, each yard of linen is examined and quality tested. A staff of inspectors scrutinizes every inch of fabric that is produced, to ensure perfection.

During the visual inspection, they may come across small imperfections, which are immediately corrected. This is done with a small tool similar to a crochet hook, to repair the flaw. They do not accept anything except first quality goods. After the initial inspection, we send the fabric to various departments for dying, finishing, washing, sewing and packaging.  Each step of the way there are inspections to ensure that everything we ship is the best it can be.

This type of quality control sets us apart from our competitors and gives our customers an assurance that Libeco products can be proudly, and confidently, sold in their establishment. Our fabrics have an elegance and a simplicity only seen in the finest of collections.

The soft hand, high tensile strength and amazing luster is sought after by designers, decorators and fabricators the world over. By carrying Libeco Home products you support Libeco artisans, who strive to bring you the best that the Belgians have to offer. The textiles they create adorn their own homes and are enjoyed by their families. They hope you too, will love the fruits of their labor.

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