A preview…

As promised, here is a link to last night’s airing of “Coûte que coûte.” Due to the size of the file, this is a segment. The complete episode will be posted soon!

In this segment we see a young flax field. The growth cycle of flax is short because of its rapid growth, so the field is watched closely through this very delicate period. The photo below is a blooming flax field in Ingelmunster, a town near the Libeco-Lagae mill. This is a special view, because the flax flower only blooms for one day. Afterwards, the harvested flax is “retted” of on the field. During the retting process the fibers are exposed to the natural weather conditions to break down the binding between the fibers in the stem of the flax plant. The last part shows the retted flax delivered to the scutching factories where the stem of the fiber is broken to extract the fibers within.

Click the picture below to see this first segment.

Stay tuned to our blog to see the rest of the process: hackling the flax & spinning the yarn;
nd finally weaving the yarn, which happens here at Libeco-Lagae.

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