The Inspiration Behind The Latest Libeco Home Collection

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Sometimes people wonder where the ideas for a new collection come from. Here is how it’s done at Libeco Home, from our designer…

Our collections are typically inspired by a few simple ideas or images and then the ideas build and grow and typically we end up with more product than we can run for the season. When we start to work on a collection, we lay out the hundreds of yarn colors we have and then we begin to realize the fabric possibilities… it never ceases to blow me away, it’s truly incredible.

Somewhere out west where the winds blow wild and the mountains touch the sky, you will find our BOHEMIAN COWGIRL. She spends her days surrounded by linen – sometimes girly linen, sometimes not, for her linen is a way of life.

At harvest time her family will take all that the earth has to give, and they will cherish it for the many barren months to come and say, oh what SACRED GROUND this is. And through the autumn and the winter they will dress lovely tables and eat hearty meals, and they will be grateful.

When winter comes she finds her way to the Scottish HIGHLANDS, overlooking the sea, in a rambling stone house with sweeping views of the land, and inside, every room is filled with linen, from floor to ceiling and in between.

At years end, nestled in the Tuscan countryside, amongst the hills and grapevines, is a farmhouse prepared for CHRISTMAS. Here the cowgirl’s family will come together, sharing in laughter and love. And when evening falls they will gather ‘round a linen covered table, and together they will share a simple feast.

Until summer…

Amy Behn and Jamie Welstead
(designers Libeco Home)

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