MAMITA – An Inspirational Journey

Mamita_Photos 001 We would like to share with you a new book that is near and dear to us at Libeco-Lagae.

Mamita” is a book that highlights the results of a selfless project inspired by love. It tells the story of Helena van Engelen, a woman who left behind her home country and everything she had to go and help children in Peru. She transformed her own suffering into a willingness to give something back, to find responsible ways to help others, and to ultimately find peace for herself. The extraordinary photography and writing were done by Helena’s close friends, Mirjam Bleeker (photographer), also our photographer here at Libeco-Lagae, and Inez van Oord (writer).

“This incredible story shows that a solution is often far from obvious and often takes great perseverance and determination to achieve. May this book remind us all that there are people and organizations all over the world, working every day to bring hope and create opportunities for others. Above all, may it remind us all, to think positively and never give up,” Raymond Libeert, Managing Director, Libeco-Lagae.

We hope you are as inspired by Mamita Helena’s story as we are. For more information about “Mamita,” click here.

mamita3 (photo courtesy of

mamita5 (photo courtesy of

Mamita_Photos 003

mamita35 (photo courtesy of

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