The making of a collection, January 2013

While staring at a snowy landscape outside we are already thinking of summer…

Why do you ask? Well, we are launching our Summer Collection! At Maison & Objet we are introducing it as we speak and we decided to give all of you a special preview of the collection. We will take you inside the creative process and submerge you in our summer spirit!

All big things have to start small. This is no different for our collection, out of a few words, images are formed and the atmosphere is set. The new Libeco Home summer collection conjures up images of summer and beautiful holiday destinations.

You can start to feel our summer spirit in the images below…

Summer 2013 Linen Inspiration

The Surfers Stripe

Teasing Georgia

Feminello Limoncello

We hope you are in the summer mood already, because after this, it’s time to go to the drawing board. At this time our designers start combining colors, drawing checks and stripes and imagining a new collection.

Here at Libeco this process still happens the old-fashioned way – here’s a glimpse at some of the design work…


After the weaving of initial yardage and the making of lots of samples the collection begins to take shape.  When the designers see all of these samples and original inspiration together, the themes are born.

And finally the photos are made – you can have a sneak peek below…

Surfing Mavericks Theme
Surfing Mavericks
A simple and strong collection inspired by vintage surfboards and named after Mavericks, a famous surfing spot in California. This collection reflects the perfect rhythm of a simple design. Collections under this theme represent a carefree, relaxed mood.

Feminello Limoncello Theme

Feminello Limoncello
Inspired by the summery American Lemonade Stand and named after the Italian ‘Feminello St Teresa’ lemon, traditionally used to make Limoncello. The colours and designs in this collection, with their vintage feel, take us back to days gone by.

Teasing Georgia Theme

Teasing Georgia
Named after a delightful climbing rose often seen in charming English gardens. This collection can be combined endlessly with the rest of the collection, but also looks good by itself.

But there’s more!

Visit our website to see our complete catalog.

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