5 Questions… V Rugs and Home

Rafael Velazquez and Mariano Micheli, owners and creators of V Rugs and Home.

Rafael Velazquez and Mariano Micheli, owner-creators of V Rugs and Home.

We are very excited to introduce to you a new monthly feature called “5 Questions…” We ask our subjects – designers and manufacturers who use linen as one of the sources of their creations – five questions. We want to give you an idea of who they are, and what inspires their creations. Today, we start with one of our favorite companies to watch.

V Rugs and Home is a Miami-based operation that creates beautiful home accessories from various products, including linen. Rafael Velazquez and Mariano Michelli opened their business in 2005 creating throw pillows, and have expanded to throw blankets, rugs and other home decor products. Their use of color is the perfect accent to create a warm and inviting space, while maintaining an air of sophistication.

5 Questions…

1. Who or what inspires your designs?

We’re inspired by architecture and nature. We travel a lot, and find that there is something that speaks to us everywhere we go. You can see those influences in the patterns we use on a particular pillow, or the colors we use for the patterns.

2. Is there a design era or design aesthetic that you’re drawn to?

V Rugs and Home really doesn’t follow a particular period, although, you’ll notice a big Mid-Century influence in our designs. Of course, ocean-inspired designs are present in all of our collections – after all we’re  from Miami, the sunshine state.


Mariano Michelli meets with a customer at the V Rugs and Home booth the New York International Gift Fair, this past January.


3. What colors do you like working with? Color provides a rich spectrum to work with. We love it all. Natural colors are great for creating a warm cozy environment, but vibrant color is wonderful when a room needs a pop of color.

4. What is your “dream” product, or product line? I have to say that we create our dream product every day. We love creating decorative pillows and accessories. Pillows are fun, and they are an easy way to update any decor.


5. What is the last book you’ve read and enjoyed? (Rafael) I just finished “The Persian Boy.” It was a great read. The story shows a different side of Alexander the Great and his army than we’re used to reading about in literature.

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