Libeco Home Preps for April High Point Market


April is known for two things to many of us: Spring, and High Point Furniture Market. This is the preeminent furniture event in the US and is always jam packed with new offerings from a myriad of vendors.

We are especially excited about a new feature that we are adding to this market. Libeco Lagae is sponsoring a Belgian Linen booth that will feature product lines made only from Belgian Linentm. The booth will feature:

  • a curated selection of Belgian Linen products manufactured by the chosen companies,
  • an overview of each company represented,
  • information about the product line and
  • contact information to open an account with each company or how to otherwise purchase their products.

The participating companies are proud to use Belgian Linen in their product line and tell the quality story and history behind their choice of materials. Upcoming posts will feature each of the companies that are participating in the program. We look forward to presenting them, here. The booth will be in the SALON area of Suites at Market Square, space G-7043. Be sure to visit us if you’re at High Point Furniture Market.

The map pictured below will direct visitors to all of the vendors at High Point Market who use Belgian Linen (not just those showing in our booth) to create their special products. Belgian Linen has had a worldwide reputation of excellence for centuries, based on years of knowledge, local expertise and traditional craftsmanship.

These age-old reasons are still in existence today, and are the reason Belgian Linen is still in such high demand in today’s market. Do not be fooled by other vendors who claim they’re using Belgian Linen, as the ones on this map have made the choice for the perennial quality and timeless fashion of real Belgian Linen.

leaflet BL map-215x280.indd

leaflet BL map-215x280.indd

We look forward to seeing you at Market.

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