Casa Fiora and Dallas A. Saunders Featured in Belgian Linen Exhibit at High Point Furniture Market

Today we bring you two more companies who create beautiful work with Belgian LinenTM. Casa Fiora, a drapery designer in Monroe, NC creates stunning looks in everything from window treatments to bedding and other room design.

We have raved about Dallas A. Saunders’ work with Belle Meade Signature in previous posts, but here we get to show some of her artisan designed creations on their own. Of course, we love her work with Belgian LinenTM, but her use of color and line art on her pillows inspires us.

Casa Fiora

Casa Fiora

Casa Fiora began with a simple search for draperies. When our founder encountered outrageous prices and complicated procedures for ordering what she wanted, she made it her personal mission to find a better way.

Now, Casa Fiora is the source that gives you custom options, letting you marry the details that suit your taste with the fabrics you love. Ten years, and Fiora is still defining beauty and elegance in home decor. Her latest fabric and hardware offerings, including Belgian Linens, reflect timeless style and modern appeal.

CFfw_btm_contemporary  CFfw_btm_girls_bdrm

Draperies will be shipped in four weeks or less instead of the months required for most custom draperies. You’ll find the same advantages with our pillows, table skirts and bedcoverings, designed to help you create an exquisitely coordinated home for your customer.

CFboard_inverted_center_lg  CFrod_rpocket_lg

Delightful to the last detail.

Follow the link for more information about Casa Fiora.

*Photos courtesy of

Dallas A. Saunders

DallasSaundersLogoLarge (2)

Working with a coterie of individual artists, museums and rare book libraries, Dallas A. Saunders creates unique pillows and throws.

Innovative technology in combination with natural fiber fabrics enables Dallas to create delicate reproductions of hand painted original artwork and photography as textiles that bring to life the depth and detail in each distinctive piece.

Belgian and Irish linen, silk linen blends, Italian cashmere, Dupioni and Charmeuse silk provide Dallas with the ingredients to create works of art that live beautifully in sophisticated interiors.

Dallas_A_Saunders_Studio  D_Saunders_Pillows

D_Saunders_Pillows (2)

This American printed and sewn line features atelier quality materials and sewing.

Sales of these fine textiles produce a range of jobs in five states across the country as well as generating income for artists and funding for invaluable rare book libraries and museums.

Follow the link for more information about Dallas A. Saunders.

We are proud to extol the beauty, ecology, and versatility of Belgian LinenTM. Our exhibit at High Point Furniture Market will display the origins of Belgian LinenTM and all of the wonderful products that can be made from it – from bedding, tabletop, décor accessories, to fashion. These vendors and the others we will present here insist on the best, and you should, too. Look for this shield when looking for Belgian LinenTM.


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