Emdee International and Jane Sisco are Featured in the Belgian Linen Exhibit at Hight Point Furniture Market

Today we introduce you to Emdee International, a growing company that specializes in luxury home goods from Europe and most recently, from India. We also have Jane Sisco, a designer of beautiful apparel made from Belgian LinenTM. We’re sure you will love all of their designs.

Emdee International

Emdee logo-libeco-jpg

Emdee International was established in 1994 out of the aspirations of two women entrepreneurs, Manju Vaswani and Deepa Dharamrup.  From the very beginning, they set high standards for their products and customer service.

They are only interested in selling products that they love and would want in their own homes.  It is also important for them to have a relationship with their customers and to create a synergy between the product, themselves and their customers.  They feel they can be most important to a retailer who holds the same values as their own, so they go to great lengths to meet the needs of such customers.

Custom products, smaller minimums and quick shipments are just a few of the services they feel are important to offer.

Do not look to Emdee for seasonal, trendy, or niche looks. All of their products can be classified as medium to high end, classic, elegant and mostly European.

EMDEE-fleur di lys

Their consistent theme is quality and their looks can be described as warm, elegant and inviting.

Follow the link for more information about Emdee International.

Jane Sisco


At 50, I decided to return to school.

With extensive experience in textiles, design, art, and architecture, I had always dreamed of designing printed textiles for apparel. Since the early 1960’s, when I discovered Design Research in Harvard Square, I envisioned creating design for the everyday. My mother, in whose memory I created my business, instilled in me a critical eye, respect for the highest quality, strict pragmatism, an appreciation of fine fabrics, and imaginative descriptions of color.

Working toward an MFA in Textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design, I was influenced by the work of Vuokko Nurmesniemi for Marimekko, Metsovaara, Vera, and Jack Lenor Larsen. I was introducted to the art and craft of experimental silk-screen on a range of surfaces, and loved the immediacy of the medium.

During my years at RISD, I concentrated on textile design for print to be used for beautiful, yet practical, everyday apparel. I worked to create textiles that were conceived by simply stopping and looking closely. The designs in these collections evolved from paying close attention, and to discovering beauty in the mundane.

By envisioning simple, functional, and flexible garments on the human body, I engineer the textile designs to move across and around the garment. Front and back relate to each other, sleeves relate to the body, and hem relates to the shoulder. The design undulates across the body, and moves with the body.

Collectively reminiscent of Asian apparel such as the Japanese Noh robe, the Korean chima choguri, and the Ottoman kaftan, these garments honor the salwaar kameez and the kurta of India.

I am grateful to present these designs to you.




Follow the link for more information about Jane Sisco.

The Belgian LinenTM logo is assurance that the goods you’re buying are made from authentic Belgian LinenTM. Look for this symbol when you’re shopping.


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