Product from Mary Gregory Studio and Raphael’s Shown in Belgian Linen Exhibit at High Point Furniture Market

Today’s entries feature use of Belgian Linentm that is a bit out of the box. Mary Gregory Studio produces beautiful art printed on Belgian Linentm that will enhance any room with its elegance. Raphael’s show us that linen can spruce up our walls in ways we may not have thought of. These displays in the Belgian Linentm exhibit at High Point Market are great examples of the versatility of this incredible fabric.

Mary Gregory Studio

Mary Gregory

Mary Gregory Studio, Ltd., consists of my original art and prints. The name of the home and gift product line, Fig Marmalade, was inspired by my great-aunt, Claudia (Lala), who used to make homemade fig marmalade. Lala is an artist and has encouraged me in my artistic endeavors throughout my whole life, even buying my first set of art supplies way back when.

After my two daughters were grown, the time was right to seriously pursue my artistic dreams. Oils were perfect for capturing elements from nature and scenes from my country home. I take great delight in the natural world and enjoy painting as a way of interacting with these things and their Creator. We live in a beautiful world and much of it, especially the small things, goes unnoticed. It is my joy to point out those things.

Because of my interest in design and business, in 2010, I began developing a line of products featuring my artwork. My youngest, Anna, came on board to help launch and manage many aspects of the growing company and my husband, David, is in charge of much of the production. Inspired by fresh air and farm life, we are busy making Fig Marmalade…a tangy spread of artful goods!

All of our products are made in the USA, much of them on our own farm. We take great care to make each item the best it can be and hope that it will be a joy for you to live with.




Follow the link for more information about Mary Gregory Studio.



Raphael’s Inc was started in 1976, by an artist who began searching for a better way to frame her art.  She recognized the value of adding fabric in the area between the art and the frame as a means to draw the viewer’s eye into the picture.

The company has evolved into what is now the largest manufacturer and distributor of fabrics, matting and liners in the world. Through extensive research and development into our products and the modern-day technology in our production methods, we have provided the creative tools and materials used by thousands of Framers and Galleries to turn their distinctive designs into unique framing.

The products we provide are not mass produced, so they may be a little more expensive, but they include many features that will save you and your customers’ time, and allow your work to stand out in a crowded market.  All of the materials we work with have been specially selected for their sustainability.

Our fabric, liner and framing products used around the panels and canvases we offer are only meant to enhance the creativity that the artist brings to the canvas.


Raphael’s bulletin boards


Following the link for more information about Raphael’s.

The Belgian Linentm represents the hundreds of years of artisan workmanship in creating the finest linen in the world. When you see the Belgian Linentm symbol, you can rest assured that you are buying quality unsurpassed. Look for it when shopping for linen products.


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