Product From Two Girls in Avignon and V Rugs and Home Presented in the Belgian Linen Exhibit at High Point Furniture Market

Today we have the opportunity to feature two more companies who were part of the Belgian Linentm Exhibit at High Point Furniture Market. Two Girls in Avignon uses Belgian Linentm to create their pillows, napkins, decorative panels and other beautiful product. We’ve had to the pleasure to present V Rugs and Home in a previous post. They use Belgian Linentm to produce their beautiful home goods.

Two Girls in Avignon


As is the case with all things antique, Belgian Linenstm are becoming more and more rare.

Started by two girlfriends, Two Girls in Avignon is dedicated to preserving and providing Belgian Linenstm.

We search country fairs in the south of France, tiny boutiques in Paris, even attics in ancient hilltop villages like Avignon, Montpellier and Aix-en-Provence.

We find fewer fabrics every visit. To preserve them, we have begun pairing exquisite floral, antique ribbons, millinery flowers and hand-tied fringe with vintage Belgian Linentm sheets to create one-of-a-kind towels and pillows. And anything else we may think of, so nothing goes to waste.

We want these fabrics to live on and we continue to source the best linens in the world so you may have a bit of this beauty in your shop or home.




Follow the link for more information about Two Girls in Avignon.

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V Rugs & Home


V Rugs and Home is a Miami-based operation that creates beautiful home accessories from various fabrics, including Belgian linen.

Rafael Velazquez and Mariano Micheli opened their business in 2005 creating throw pillows, expanding to throw blankets, rugs, small furniture accent pieces, and other home accessories.

Their use of color is striking, often blending unique color combinations to create eye-catching accents for the home. Their designs are modern and bold, using natural elements to embellish their pillows and put them on the cutting edge of home design. Rafael and Mariano are inspired by architecture and nature. They travel a lot, and find that there is something that speaks to them everywhere they go. You can see those influences in the patterns and colors they use on a particular pillow.




Their use of sustainable materials; natural elements like bone and shell for buttons and trims, reflect their passion for a beautiful world. For V Rug & Home, color provides a rich spectrum to work with but natural colors are great for creating a warm cozy environment.

Their line is designed and sewn in the US and sold through retailers and designers worldwide.

Follow the link for more information about V Rugs & Home.

We are proud to extol the beauty, ecology, and versatility of Belgian Linentm. The exhibit at High Point Furniture Market displayed the origins of Belgian Linentm and all of the wonderful products that can be made from it – from bedding, tabletop, décor accessories, to fashion. These vendors and the others presented insist on the best, and you should, too. Look for this shield when looking for Belgian Linentm.


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