The Birth of an Heirloom

doos libeco 2013 bed

At Libeco Lagae we strive to create the most beautiful fabrics for the home; ones that start out soft and supple, yet continue to get better with use and time. The hand begins to change, getting softer and softer as the years roll by. The luster gets more pronounced, the wrinkles begin to fall out on their own and the drape only increases in elegance. It’s because of these unique properties that linen has been the one textile that  is handed down from generation to generation. This is expected with a fine piece of wooden furniture, or a favorite family recipe, but a tablecloth? Sheets? Absolutely! As with the furniture, proper care of our linen will continue to give the next generation comfort, style and elegance.  In the past, every new bride’s trousseau would have contained her Grandmother’s formal tablecloth and napkins, along with other important items that wove a thread of familial continuity from one generation to the next. This tradition of producing a fine heirloom quality fabric is what our artisans strive for each and every day at Libeco Lagae.  We hope you find that your favorite Libeco linen item will one day make your family’s lives more special for generations.

doos libeco 2013 tafel

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