5 Questions… ZAK+FOX, Inc.


We are happy to present ZAK+FOX, Inc. in our latest installment of 5 Questions… Established in February 2012, ZAK+FOX is a boutique textiles firm located in lower Manhattan, near Wall street. The start-up is celebrating an important milestone -May marks their first anniversary in showrooms in the U.S., UK and Australia.

“Most of our business is built around our products – fabric now, and rugs coming in 2014. All of our fabric products are printed in the USA,” explains Zak Profera, founder of ZAK+FOX.

Zak Profera (right), and Fox

Zak Profera (right), and Fox

5 Questions…

Who or what inspires your designs?

Though I think many are quick to pinpoint ZAK+FOX as a textile line inspired by “travel,” I tell people that our story is more about historic and traditional, rather than being an interpretation of our travels. The idea for ZAK+FOX is a tale about a boy and his dog (the other half, Fox) who adventure across the globe in search of treasures and bring them back to modernity. I’m most inspired by the stories and symbolism of classical designs from any culture. Even the simplest emblem could have the most intense narrative behind it.

Is there a design era or design aesthetic that you’re drawn to?

I love many types of design – I consider my own aesthetic to be quite eclectic – but, I’m drawn to a mix of Japanese textiles, crude wood furniture, Moroccan rugs and mid-century French lighting. I think the mix of texture, color, and silhouettes are what keeps a space compelling, and inviting. I prefer something relaxed, rather than formal.


What colors do you like working with?

My personal palette leans toward earthy neutrals and super-desaturated colors: burnt reds, smokey yellows and dusty greens and blues.

Why do you like working with Belgian linen?

Linen has a natural sheen that is inherent to the fabric – as far as printing goes, it far surpasses cotton for me. I brings patterns to life without interfering with the art itself.


Do you have favorite designers you are inspired by? Why?

I love the work of my friends, like Lucas Studio in LA and Brad Ford in NY. Lucas Studio has mastered the mix – they can pull together colors and patterns like no other. Brad Ford has a way of creating quiet, warm, masculine interiors in ways no one else can.

You can find more information about ZAK+FOX at the link, where you will find out about their collections and products.

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