The Artist Table, and Burrow and Hive Appear in the Belgian Linen Exhibit in High Point Market

We are excited to present The Artist Table and Burrow & Hive, two companies that appeared in the Belgian Linen Exhibit at High Point Furniture Market. We love the work that they do, and are so proud that they feature Belgian Linen in their product line.


Suzanne Fitzgerald Knowlton draws from her classical training at The New York School of Interior Design, and her business acumen from owning and operating restaurants, to inspire her select clientele. Each project, commercial or residential, is given individual focus. She shapes her design around the clients’ comfort and needs using good design logic. She then adds layers of interest to create warm spaces for daily living.

ArtistsTablePillows  ArtistsTableWall

Her garden focus is rooted in the classics. She designs calm inner rooms that complement the use of the land and views. Each part of the site is given careful thought in its use of space. Micro climates are respected and the ‘right plant for the right space’ is adhered to.

Suzanne currently lives in Sonoma County, California. She farms chardonnay grapes, flowers and vegetables along with her husband, Phillip.

For more information about Suzanne Knowlton, or The Aritist Table, follow the link. You can read Suzanne’s blog, here.



Newell Freivogel and Sally Gates are passionate about providing a fresh approach to pattern design. These talented sisters’ patterns are created by hand, using a variety of drawing and painting techniques. They are then printed onto textiles using the printing method that lends itself best to the material and desired effect.

Newell and Sally believe that colorful, fun and well-designed accessories are an easy way to update and freshen your home interior and your wardrobe.


Their scarves are hand printed in India and Nepal by local artisans using natural materials, such as Belgian Linen, and dyes. The rich history of textile printing in India allows a wide variety of methods such as printing on wool and block printing to create deep, saturated colors.

All of their other products are hand made in the USA. The fabrics are printed at a historic printing mill in New England, and are sewn into products locally in Chicago, IL.


More information about Burrow & Hive and their line can be found here.

We hope that you are as impress with these artists’ stories as we are. We will feature more stories from the Belgian Linen Exhibit at High Point Furniture Market, this week.

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