nettle+fin Products Presented in the Belgian Linen Exhibit at High Point Furniture Market

We are proud and excited to present Nettle + Fin, designers of fine textile printing. Inspired by the sea life, their prints and colors inspire the imagination and are printed exclusively on Belgian Linen.


nettle_fin026_web Kate and Molly met in high school, in 1989, and became fast friends – even attending college together on the idyllic east end of Long Island. While Kate studied marine biology, Molly honed her skills as a graphic designer. The friend were ultimately separated by 6,000 miles – Kate moved on to study sea life on the reefs of Hawaii; Molly kept a faster pace in one of the world’s leading design centers, New York City. Meanwhile, Peter was already hard at work in Honolulu identifying, categorizing and naming the hundreds of sea plants of the Hawaiian Archipelago. When Kate moved to Hawaii, she befriended Peter and his burgeoning collection.

A few years later, Kate moved back east and found Molly. Anxious to collaborate on a creative project, the two dreamed of creating crisp, modern textile patterns, and Kate thought of Peter and his collection. Peter looked into his files and his microscope and sent Molly and Kate beautiful, otherworldly images from the depths and the shallows of the warm oceans. These little plants are the inspiration for nettle+fin’s first textile line.


Click the link for more information about nettle+fin.

*Portrait photo borrowed from the nettle+fin website.


The Belgian LinenTM logo is assurance that the goods you’re buying are made from authentic Belgian LinenTM. Look for this symbol when you’re shopping.


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