Belgian Linen – An Ally in the Kitchen

As we in the US approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, our thoughts are turning toward families reuniting…and cooking for those celebrations. Libeco Home’s linen towels have long been a staple in well-appointed kitchens the world over. The unique properties that linen possesses provide a chef with indispensable versatility. Long known for its amazing absorption, quick drying time, lack of lint, and strong tensile strength, linen is a natural choice for kitchen towels.

ConfitureLibeco Home produces certain towels that perform unique function in the kitchen, making them a necessity for specific purposes. Today, we’re proud to feature the Confiture Towel.

Libeco uses long staple fibers woven in an open, almost sheer weave. It is used as a straining tool, as one would use a cheesecloth.

The term “confiture” is a French word  that means a preserved or candied fruit, or a jam. In order to strain out the seeds and stems from the fruit once mashed, a chef will press a maceration through the Confiture towel, leaving nothing but a smooth base to create jams and jellies.


This towel is our largest, measuring 33 inches square, and comes out of the package feeling rather stiff. This is because we sew this towel from the linen woven in its ‘loom state,’ without doing many of the finishing steps we do for our other fabrics.

              Confiture_strain      Confiture_wipe

Besides its use as a strainer, the generous size of the towel also allows a chef to tuck it into the apron string and still have enough left hanging to dry, wipe, strain or any other use needed. Upon its first washing you will find that it becomes incredibly soft, and with each use it becomes more and more absorbent.

This versatile towel will perform for years and years, becoming a trusted ally in the kitchen.

To find out more about the line of Libeco Home kitchen and table accessories, follow the link to search for a store near you that carries Libeco Home product.


The Belgian Linentm represents the hundreds of years of artisan workmanship in creating the finest linen in the world. When you see the Belgian Linentm symbol, you can rest assured that you are buying quality unsurpassed. Look for it when shopping for linen products.


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