Amherst Towel – The Bakers’ Secret Weapon

AmherstDo you ever wonder how your favorite baked breads rise so beautifully? Perhaps your baker has a secret tucked in his apron – Libeco Home’s Amherst kitchen towel.

The Amherst towel’s extraordinarily tight weave is created with a baker in mind. The density of the fabric, particularly after use and multiple washings, will form an excellent barrier to hold in heat and moisture.


This is indispensable for proofing bread dough, allowing for the best ‘rise’ of the dough. Any good baker knows that your bread is lighter and airier with a good rise and the Amherst towel does it best.

Amherst_breadGenerous in size at 31 X 24 inches, it will dry dishes quickly and efficiently, and soon be ready for the next job you need to do.

The texture will polish glass to an impressive sparkle, without the pesky lint left behind from some towels. Woven with a red multistripe, this classic design works aesthetically in any kitchen, but to a baker, it is its performance that makes the Amherst towel so valuable.


We hope that you will try the Amherst and the Confiture kitchen towels and become fans yourselves of the best kitchen towels on the market.

Follow the link for more information about the Amherst towel, and Libeco Home‘s other kitchen accessories.


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