Mila Blake – New Company Shows Belgian Linen at High Point Furniture Market

This year we have chosen to show case two exciting new brands at High Point Furniture Market’s Belgian  Exhibit. While Mila Blake focuses on solid colors and T4 & Tillett Textiles on prints, both companies perfectly represent the versatility, craftsmanship, and quality of Belgian Linentm. Today, we present Mila Blake, and tomorrow we’ll visit T4 & Tillet Textiles.


Mila Blake is a subsidiary established by luxury home furnishings company Theo Décor to exclusively represent the highest quality of Belgian Linens. Mila Blake works with its partner mills in Belgium to design and distribute linens for upholstery and drapery applications. With its launch at the 2014 High Point Market, Mila Blake’s initial collection provides a broad range of solid linen qualities and weights in a rich array of colors. Inventory stocked either at Mila Blake’s distribution center in Los Angeles or at its partner mills in Belgium, enabling the new company to quickly deliver cut yardage to designers and furniture manufacturers. Mila Blake complements its collection with an unquestioning commitment to customer service and competitive prices. Mila Blake believes truly in the beauty of Belgian linen, and is focused on sharing this unique and timeless fabric with the design trade.

Mila Blake proprietor, Andrew Frumovitz

Just like Libeco, Mila Blake is family oriented! Parent company Theo Décor is named after the owners son, this new brand takes its name from his little sister Mila!


The Belgian Linentm represents the hundreds of years of artisan workmanship in creating the finest linen in the world. When you see the Belgian Linentm symbol, you can rest assured that you are buying quality unsurpassed. Look for it when shopping for linen products.


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