T4 / Tillett Textiles Shows at High Point Furniture Market

We’re excited about the prints produced by Tillett Textiles and T4, using Belgian Linentm. We hope you’ll be as inspired as we are by their designs.

Tillett, a name synonymous with the highest caliber of American design and craft has been used and favored by design greats like Billy Baldwin, Jamie Drake and Mario Buatta, adorning the homes of people like Brooke Astor and Jackie Kennedy. Their latest collection, presented at High Point Furniture Market, consists of exquisite, hand-printed and hand-striped material is almost entirely produced from Belgian Linentm. “It was our natural evolution” says Patrick McBride, the company’s Design Director. “When my grandmother (D. D. Tillett) created fabrics, the time period called for printed cotton ducks and polished cottons. Today, the market demands a more luxurious material with a softer hand. Belgian Linentm was a no brainer for us.”

Patrick McBride meets with a customer in Tillett & T4 Booth

Patrick McBride meets with a customer in Tillett & T4 Booth

After 4 generations, Tillett/T4 is not just a hand-printed textile collection, they have created new processes and adapted age old techniques to create entirely new and unique materials; from table dyed textures to reverse-resist style prints, they are continually pioneering new materials. Their ability to create custom fabrics, almost as easy as creating their stock materials, is yet another bonus for using Tillett. “We want people to create unique spaces” say Kathleen Tillett. “They (designers) need to feel that they can think outside of the box and not just shop the market…think it up, dream it, we will create it.”

Tillett Samples

Available only to the trade at Fortuny in NYC and Ammon Hickson in Dania, FL, Tillett is thrilled to be a part of the Belgian Linentm Association and the Belgian Linentm Booth during the High Point 2014 show. “At this point in our business, we would use no other linen material, it simply is the best.”


 Libeco is proud to extol the beauty, ecology, and versatility of Belgian Linentm. We are excited about the manufactures and designers at High Point Furniture Market who display Belgian Linentm and all of the wonderful products that can be made from it – from piece fabrics, bedding, tabletop, décor accessories, to fashion. These vendors insist on the best, and you should, too. Look for this shield when looking for Belgian Linentm.


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