Guildery is Featured in the Belgian Linen Exhibit at High Point Furniture Market.

The Belgian Linentm Exhibit returns at this Fall’s High Point Furniture Market. The exhibit, created to feature the quality, beauty and versatility of Belgian Linentm is a must see for visitors to the show. We’re excited to see that Guildery, a fresh new purveyor, is featured in the exhibit.


Guildery is a new online service created to make it easy to finish a room with color-coordinated fabrics. The company curates exclusive textile designs from leading artists and interior designers, such as Bridgid Coulter, Chris Barrett, and Maria Suarez, then produces textiles and finished goods on-demand using top quality, Belgian Linentm. Buyers can visualize and share a look before purchasing it by dragging-and-dropping the fabric-covered items (e.g., pillows, ottomans, drapery, and lampshades) on a look board. Guildery actively licenses new textile designs and officers customization programs to retailers and the design trade.

IMG_00000480 (2) IMG_00000478 (3) The expansion into customizable fabric collections marks a pivotal innovation for Guildery, a technology company with aims to reinvent the way printed fabrics are produced and distributed. “Our goal is to make purchasing color-coordinated fabrics and upholstered items accessible and fun,” say Guildery co-CEO, Shane Reilly. “With our Custom Collections program, we are able to serve the needs of buyers who demand designer-level quality, style, and customization options.” The Guildery Custom Collections program will launch at this High Point Furniture Market.

Click the link for more information about Guildery, their products, and the Custom Collections program.

Please be sure to stop by the Belgian Linentm Exhibit, located in the SALON area of Suites at Market Square, space G-7043, if you’re at High Point Furniture Market. We invite you to join the conversation about Belgian Linentm by posting your pictures or comments using #BelgianLinen and #HpMkt.


The Belgian Linentm Trademark was created around 1960 to promote high quality linen produced by the Belgian Linentm Weaving Industry. The Belgian Linentm Trademark is exclusively available for those fabrics/trimmings which are woven in Belgium. It is a guarantee that the fabrics you are buying are woven and also bleached or dyed in Belgium, and have passed rigorous quality tests.


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