The Libeco Philosophy

Libeco has been producing linen fabrics and products since 1858.

The company has always relied on the expertise of our artisans to manufacture the best linens.In the last 150 years, the world has changed quite a lot. Our company has had to adapt to a fast changing environment.

But our philosophy is still the same as the one defined by Paul Libeert in 1858.

Our production is based  on flax. We use only the best fibers, grown in the coastal region between Caen and Amsterdam. Our yarns are mostly spun in Europe and all Libeco fabrics are woven in the mill in Meulebeke.

Flax is the most natural fiber in the world. At every step of the transformation, we use the best processes to minimize the impact on the environment. Because the fiber is grown and spun locally, the bond with the suppliers is strong.  All partners have a long term vision and create a “fair trade” environment.  

Our manufacturing  is based on the expertise of local workers. They are closely informed about the evolution of the company and the strategy for the future.  They are key elements in the success of the company.

Over the years together with our workers, customers, suppliers and our community, we have created a strong chain of trust.

The Libeco philosophy has always been to offer quality products with a very specific look.  No frills or excessive embellishment required.    The collections are based on very simple values. The raw material is essential.  The look is pure.   

–    Believe in linen    –

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